Whose hand are you holding?

I’ll admit it, I can be pretty lazy at times.  I always say I’m going to get up and walk to class, but it just never happens. I always end up taking the bus.. especially during the winter.

Parents tell their children how important it is to sneeze into your elbow, constantly wash your hands and try to stay home if you are sick. This has been especially popular advice since the beginning of the swine flu epidemic.

however, I am now committing myself to hand sanitizer every time I touch something that multiple people have the ability to touch.

This ad is visually informing.  It does not come straight out and say, “Think about who all has touched this thing you are now touching.” Instead it uses hands to represent slings on a bus with the slogan “Whose hand are you holding?” It may not say it in words, but this ad is very blunt.  You never know who has held or touched a bar in a bus or a door handle. You never know where that person has been or what else they have touched. The hand in the very front of the ad has band-aids all over it’s fingers. After actually thinking about it, public places are filled with millions of germs. The ad promises that Dettol Hand Sanitizer will instantly kill 99.99% of germs. How convenient is that?


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Reebok EasyTone

As a girl who grew up in this generation, I like to stay in shape. However, as a girl who grew up in this generation, going to the gym is not my definition of fun.

But this isn’t really an issue because we all know we can sit around and eat and still stay fit. Right?

Probably not. BUT! this fall Reebok presented a close alternative.  Their new line of casual shoes. Easy Tones.  The way the shoe is made allows more muscles to work while doing simple day-to-day activities.  Reebok even states that the shoes can tone gluteus maximus up to 28% more and the  hamstrings/calves up to 11% more. Just by taking out the trash. Or walking the mall.

Or walking to class. So when I first saw these ads, I hopped right online to buy them.  Then I realized these shoes can’t be sold cheap and work their magic. But I had to have them so I splurged. I mean, who can really put a price on nice legs?

This ad was created to persuade women to buy the shoes. It provided a simple way to help women stay fit, even if its only the least bit. It incorporates percentages that definitely make the purchase worth a try. It lists several different activities that the shoes will work to tone your muscles.  At the end, it even goes as far to say that the EasyTones never stop working.

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